SILENT THOUGHTS!   Silent thoughts are crazy thoughts Sinful enough to remain inaudible forever Silent thoughts are thoughts in the mind alone Thoughts that are a whisper even to the self Silent thoughts once spoken aloud Goes straight to hell Those who dare the gods Says out silent thoughts aloud!  



LIVE FOREVER!   Would you live forever or you will rather live for the moment? Oh, my fellow human beings, how badly we lust after power and acquire riches as if we will take them along to the hereafter. A lot of people seek for and pile wealth so that their children or relations will […]

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                                         HOMECOMING!!!   It was like you will not come I waited and got tired Like you were a Messiah of sorts …the day is here So are you! What then? …it was like my breathe […]

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SEEK DREAMS!   The most awesome of all adventures are done in dreams… Enjoy the moments of your dreams while it still last, for it is the place of possibilities where you can watch yourself dying, and buried, but when the dream is over, you will wake up alive! You can do just anything, in […]

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Facing Problems

Facing Problems Since the beginning of all vices is the home and it is true that the family is partly responsible for character formation of an individual, if a person is born with negative characters will he remain that way forever, since his situation is supposedly hereditary? It is possible to be born with bad […]

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Words Of Power!

Words Of Power!   They are powerful words She said it with ease… It is a wish not a fantasy Every bit of it will live forever in my dreams! “If we didn’t marry, I want to have a lifelong relationship with you!!” Beauty and commitment modestly uttered!!! How can I live without loving such […]

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