Prayer   Prayer is the bonding of the conscious with the subconscious, a linking up of the physical with the spiritual! Prayer is purely a spiritual activity, which is why it is important to purify the soul before getting into the act. You must forgive yourself and any other person you have wronged, before you […]

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Threshold Of Thy Holy Heart

Threshold Of Thy Holy Heart   Show me the paths to The Threshold Of Thine Holy Heart! I want to exist in the perfection of Thine Glory For I desire not to break in the harshest of storms The worst tsunamis… I want to enjoy life with my heart full of praise and worship of […]

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WHEN GOD COMES! I want to grow up I cried and wailed in the depth of my heart and soul Why am I so inconsistent? Will my limbs ever get strong? Can I ever grow tall enough? Will my body ever be the frame it should be? And when God comes Will He accept me […]

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IS WAR NECESSARY?   War, they say is necessary if peace is desired! Probably opposites and each lives on the other! What about the benefits, are they equal too? Is there any measure of peace that is worth the lives lost in a war as it (death) is inevitable? POWER The love of power is […]


A Nomad Of Eternity…

A Nomad Of Eternity…   Today is my birthday! The years have piled and are still rolling… Upon the heaps my story stands, I have no regrets I know and believe that it is The Desires of God in me that always desireth And It is The Will of God in me that always willeth!! […]

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MAXIMIZING THE HUMAN POTENTIAL   It is impossible to reach the highest level of human potentiality because a human being is a limitless spirit of absolute capabilities! It is just like saying it’s possible to exhaust God. Man is a god, but he is not God! The later created the former with all His attributes! […]



CHOSEN TO GIVE   God has blessed us with enough providence Strength and wealth To bear our burdens and of others No trial or temptation can be beyond us When we give freely It is as if the hand of God is stretched along ours! A privileged disposition… To be so chosen Sharing the gifts […]

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