Those born again in Christ represent an higher authority on earth, cause they are not only joint heirs to the kingdom of God, but His(Christ’) ambassadors!

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When we keep putting our best efforts in whatever we do and still our stories are full of sorrows, we get discouraged and want to give up on life, especially when we feel we are at the top and realized it’s lonelier there (top)!
It is said that “he who laughs last, laughs best”.
Things are just not working for me!
Will mine be the last song ?


Threshold Of Thy Holy Heart

Threshold Of Thy Holy Heart   Show me the paths to The Threshold Of Thine Holy Heart! I want to exist in the perfection of Thine Glory For I desire not to break in the harshest of storms The worst tsunamis… I want to enjoy life with my heart full of praise and worship of […]

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FORGIVENESS! You took every breath that I have My dreams meant nothing to you Now I am stripped In my sorrows, I found no tear to shed I looked at you, a total waste If I carry my retribution to eternity If I keep my best songs till judgement day I looked into your eyes […]

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