LOVE THIEVES!!!   I will whisper your name in these lines Not in between In the appropriate place, I will say it with the sound of a pin-drop! No matter how you strained your ears You will never hear it… Are we not in this adventure because we are both pledged elsewhere? But we loved […]

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earth god!

earth god! Money has long been in too many wrong hands that have worshipped it and subjugated fellow human beings to bondage/slavery, by blinding and making them(humans) to believe that it(money) is an earth god! Having and making money ought to be a pastime… Making money must not be a do, or die affair… Money […]

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POSITIVE LIVING A lot of people are on the receiving end of life without any fault of theirs, while majority are to be blamed for their situations. DESTINY Destiny has been holding a lot of people captive to the extent of making some of its victims inactive, filling their minds with thoughts of “what will […]