MOODS…!   Her moods determines when to say those words I always long to hear! Should situations affect true feelings of a heart? Fickle emotions are obviously flexible!! Are there moments capable of shaking love? And… The words have only three letters!!! What does it take to say to the beloved, “I love you?”

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HOW TO OWN A CASTLE!   Very Important!!! “Anyone that has no castle, does not in truth wants any!” It is very easy to own a castle and much easier to build as many as one can, but it is not a good idea to own many! As with any other thing, the most important […]

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LOVE THIEVES!!!   I will whisper your name in these lines Not in between In the appropriate place, I will say it with the sound of a pin-drop! No matter how you strained your ears You will never hear it… Are we not in this adventure because we are both pledged elsewhere? But we loved […]

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