PARADISE ON MY MIND   Living spring of life I have drunk from thee and my thirst is yet unquenched! Why should I just be existing? Oh, that I should begin to live!! This journey… How long is forty years for a price of the promised land? So much humiliation and misery So many afflictions… […]


PAWNS; Place And Time!

PAWNS; Place And Time!   PAWNS   Are pawns really helpless? Can they ever change from being what they are, or have their roles changed? When they are able to penetrate and reach the enemy’s stronghold, don’t they negotiate and free their officers? But, don’t they still remained as they are, “PAWNS!” and will continue […]

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CALL my name now…!

CALL my name now…!   When shall You call my name? They said God’s time is the best and He is never late! I have waited too long… Frustrations, shame and humiliation are wearing my spirit Will He ever come? God, where are You? I need You to call my name now!!

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