What Motivates Our Actions?

What Motivates Our Actions?   When folks do the things they do (right, or wrong, which either case is situational) When there are those who having shelter is a comfort cause they do not know when, or where their next meal will be? Could wrongful acts be truly bad? What choices were given to those […]

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TIME TO PRAY! Dear God in heaven, no one should appear before thee for any purpose and go back the same. It’s either You grant the person’s desire or give more than You are asked of, if the person praying is pleasing unto thee, for thou art pure and holy! Do not let thy believers […]

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Victory! Those who walk in the Shadow and Power of The “I AM” shall prevail against all odds and obstacles! Victory is certain with every step they take!! Halleluyah!!!

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TALKING! Talking is an act of communication through which human beings interact with each other. They do this by creating comprehensible sounds in various forms referred to as language. The mouth is the part of the body that produce sounds, or better still, it is the store room for the instrument that we use in […]

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  PACKAGING THE SELF!   A package is an object, a good, or service, made ready for delivery. Packaging is an act intended to make such goods etc convenient and presentable. The word packaging has and is still used in different circumstances or situations and even on human beings! It is good for every human […]