FARMERS WOES! Global Warming/GMO’s?

The rains are still falling and the month of October practically gone! This out of season natural activity is giving a lot of farmers in my area concern, some are heartbroken, cause they obtained loans for the farming! Rice farmers are not too worried about the rains, but the way a particular type (Jamila rice) was drying before harvest! Could this be the effects of global warming and GMOs’

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Pand Kilang Landscape

Pand Kilang Landscape     Pand Kilang is the tallest mountain dyke in the north east of Nigeria, measuring approximately 887m above sea level. Due to the wide area it covers, pand Kilang is in Kaltungo local government and the other part in Shongom local government areas of Gombe state.  

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CHOICES WE MAKE!   There are certain things that are universal. They might be principles or a tangible existence like beauty. In Nigeria, over seventy percent of the population depends on the government for everything, which makes growth and civilization painfully slow. Political offices and plum government positions are the crave of the day! People […]

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THE ENERGY WITHIN A lot of people are ignorant of their existence and the purpose thereof, which is why they have failed consistently in utilising their capabilities, an act that is stagnating higher civilization. Only a few communities and individuals are aware of who/what they are! Such persons walk among others as gods, of whom […]