UNDERSTANDING DEATH!   Death happens because it has to happen! Anyone can die when his time is up. It is when a person stops to breath, when all his body functions ceases that we say such a person is dead. We feel so terrified of such situations because we believe the separation is permanent, we […]



…Testimony When you lay waste the earth what thinkest thou? How beyond redemption was the world when thou camest into it? And those before thee… What can you say about their stewardship? Oh soul of man Tread the earth with care and love, that those to come after thee will sigh with awe at thy […]

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Stories Of Our Lives!

Stories Of Our Lives!   There is a story in every moment of our lives Every sound, every gesture, just everything we do are beautifully woven lines of the drama we live. The sights we see are awesome colors that are truly wonderful! Tell me a story from the songs in your dreams!  

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