How Lonely Are The Rich?

How Lonely Are The Rich?   Why will the rich person not be lonely? In his heart he is not certain of the loyalty of those around him Would they be there if he were poor? Will they be loyal to any other person? If not for the neglect of humble beginnings Tested and trusted […]

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WHEN GOD COMES! I want to grow up I cried and wailed in the depth of my heart and soul Why am I so inconsistent? Will my limbs ever get strong? Can I ever grow tall enough? Will my body ever be the frame it should be? And when God comes Will He accept me […]

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SOME WORDS…   Loneliness is when every sound you hear is boring! Learn to be your own best friend… There is music, laughter and wonderful stories within you. It takes only a little effort to be able to know and enjoy the companionship of the world inside thyself! Look carefully within and begin to live… […]

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EMPTY, LONELY…   Does love truly exist, or is it just a fantasy? Why am I so lonely and feeling empty? Is it possible to be selective in such matters? How else could Love’s power be supreme? They say “No one is capable of resisting the power of love!” Also that “There is someone for […]

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                           DRUGS ABUSE/MISUSE   There is no known instance of the first recorded case of drugs abuse/misuse, however, the Biblical Noah and his counterparts in other religions could be said to be the first man in record to abuse drugs, since alcohol is […]



WHERE IS GOD?   Are illusions also a form of reality, if dreams are fantasies? What is reality and unreality? It is said of “change” to be permanent and “time” the fixer of everything! THIS LIFE Everything just happens the way it wants to! Nearly nothing makes sense again. The days seemed to be running […]

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