We must not destroy sacred human lives! We (humans) should allow ourselves to be used as instruments of peace, so that we can make the earth the paradise it is supposed to be! What is the reason for fighting wars? Is Peace not awesome?

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Meditation is a non scientific process of total cleansing of the body and soul, preparatory to prayer.
Meditation improves the health and general well being of an individual. Apart from peace of mind, it also makes an individual to be confident and sure of himself/herself!

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SHORTENING THE TIMES!   The days come and go, in the twinkle of an eye! I remember how lengthy, twenty four hours was How we had to wait for too long when it is sunrise until sunset How it will take us an eternity from a Christmas to the next Not so now It was […]



PRIDE!   With so high a price With so little funds In as austere a time as this We have worked hard and saved All our earnings, our toil and sweat What folly and misplaced priorities The entirety of what a man is must turn to dust! Why soar so high and fall too low? […]

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                                            MUST PEOPLE DIE?   Why are people not living their days as long as they desire to and die only when they want to? Must people die? Is there no alternative to death? […]

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GENIUS   They want to eat my thoughts and fathom the depths of my dreams Why would anyone think me a genius? Delusions of the mind! Now I am alone in wonderment Thinking, hoping this fallacy will cease Prelude to doomsday this is!! Man will always see himself in another.. Am I not one as […]

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