Meditation is a non scientific process of total cleansing of the body and soul, preparatory to prayer.
Meditation improves the health and general well being of an individual. Apart from peace of mind, it also makes an individual to be confident and sure of himself/herself!

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LAZINESS I’m in a lazy mood! A lazy way to make a testimony on laziness is claim it as “the unwillingness to do anything at the right time the proper way!” So brief a testimony! The attitude of laziness easily compels us to cut corners, give bribes, practice corruption and all such things we assumed […]

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MOODS…!   Her moods determines when to say those words I always long to hear! Should situations affect true feelings of a heart? Fickle emotions are obviously flexible!! Are there moments capable of shaking love? And… The words have only three letters!!! What does it take to say to the beloved, “I love you?”

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