The Eagle

                              The Eagle   It was 40 years of glory gone Alone he sat on the mountaintop Thirsty, weak, and hungry Despised and scorned at by all and sundry Still he sat The wind came, the rains, the cold, all threatening […]

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Love Letter

Love Letter   Dearest, This is my first love letter to you! As you read it, probably over and over, I want you to understand that as in a certain song of years past by Giggles, titled “Love letter”, written by Eddie Mercado, Zahid Tariq, Todd Terry, Deborah Lopez and Maria Respeto, “my days are […]

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FREE…!   They are the best things of life Think not that wealth and riches are everything There are things money can’t buy Things more precious than gold… Everyone has unlimited access to them! Did I hear you say air? Yes What about water? That too!! Tell me about the sun and light, even mother […]

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Biggest Full Moon OF 2019!

Biggest Full Moon OF 2019! Tonight, the moon will be 221,734 miles away from the earth, being the closest it(moon) will get to the earth this year! Each time the moon gets closer to the earth, it gets bigger! Tonight, Tuesday 19/022019, will be the night that will host the biggest full moon of the year, […]

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