DESTINY? Who is insensitive? Either I or life I could cry and despair as much as I can I could do whatever I want What is providence? Life will always have it’s way! Is that, destiny? The cares and phases of every moment in time What is worth living or dying for? If I don’t […]

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Lifting Up

Lifting Up   Where there is a casting down There is going to be a lifting up Even at the lowest points! Just know there, is the highest point The law of nature must hold true Darkness must give birth to light Death will yield to life

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NATURE’S BEST!   Those little things we ignore Everything around us Beauty hidden in between the lines Puppies in peaceful slumber A toddler’s smile Mountains in their endless tranquility The ripple of a stream at night The sound of rushing waves The colors of the rainbow What have we not done? We ignored every moment […]

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BEING INVISIBLE YET RELEVANT!   The goldfish can never have a hiding place because wherever they go and no matter how they tried to conceal themselves, their golden nature will always exposed them, and this is not because they want it to be so, it’s just that they have no choice! How much of a […]



CALL ME “BY MY NAME”! One of the highest privilege and honor that anyone can do to another is to call a person by their name! Has anyone, big or small ever called you by your name? How did you feel at the time? The way a person ought to feel when called by name […]

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