We must not destroy sacred human lives! We (humans) should allow ourselves to be used as instruments of peace, so that we can make the earth the paradise it is supposed to be! What is the reason for fighting wars? Is Peace not awesome?

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There’s no point of being too hasty in life, cause what will be will be! Avoid the fast lane so as not to be knocked down…

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Meditation is a non scientific process of total cleansing of the body and soul, preparatory to prayer.
Meditation improves the health and general well being of an individual. Apart from peace of mind, it also makes an individual to be confident and sure of himself/herself!

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SERENDIPITY How often must human beings be reminded that “Time” and “Chance” can happen to anyone, wherever he/she might be? How wisely do we use our opportunities? How frequently have we scorn and neglected those not privileged as we are? Which dynasties are everlasting? Is salvation restricted? Believe it or not, life and all therein […]


Different Paths…

Different Paths…   We have had our best moments of friendship We loved each other dearly like there will never be another opportunity! We had each other and that was what mattered!! But now We both have taken different paths… Still the memories we had lives on!!!

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FAST LANE! So much speed Just for the first place? What happened next? Competing for what? Thriving to be the best… If you have all of life, who cares? Everybody’s destiny is marked When you get there before others If the shoe is not yours, the tortoise will wear it because it is his! Nothing […]

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