We must not destroy sacred human lives! We (humans) should allow ourselves to be used as instruments of peace, so that we can make the earth the paradise it is supposed to be! What is the reason for fighting wars? Is Peace not awesome?

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The day of the Christening of the giant light that illuminate and give energy to the earth, ” Sun’s Day !” May light eternal, the Spirit of God Almighty whose brightness is more than a million suns, fill and overwhelmed the universe… Amen!

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SHORT WALK   It was a short walk… It was an ordinary walk… Indeed it was… Just the two of us The distance meant nothing Every step we took was like a walk in Paradise! Although we didn’t hold hands There was no way we could ignore the magical presence of the other!! Our involuntary […]

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PARADISE ON MY MIND   Living spring of life I have drunk from thee and my thirst is yet unquenched! Why should I just be existing? Oh, that I should begin to live!! This journey… How long is forty years for a price of the promised land? So much humiliation and misery So many afflictions… […]


earth god!

earth god! Money has long been in too many wrong hands that have worshipped it and subjugated fellow human beings to bondage/slavery, by blinding and making them(humans) to believe that it(money) is an earth god! Having and making money ought to be a pastime… Making money must not be a do, or die affair… Money […]

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