We must not destroy sacred human lives! We (humans) should allow ourselves to be used as instruments of peace, so that we can make the earth the paradise it is supposed to be! What is the reason for fighting wars? Is Peace not awesome?

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                           DRUGS ABUSE/MISUSE   There is no known instance of the first recorded case of drugs abuse/misuse, however, the Biblical Noah and his counterparts in other religions could be said to be the first man in record to abuse drugs, since alcohol is […]


LATUMAR “Choices”

                   LATUMAR                    “Choices”!   Latumar is a quiet twenty years old girl. Life has been tough for her, ever since her parents died in a ghastly motor accident. She lived with her uncle who never cared for her […]

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FAMILY BASICS 3   Although it is rare, children are also capable of destroying their parents. This happens when a child keeps receiving without any thought to give and when the giver gets tired and stop giving, the receiver being a minor, will become rebellious and eventually destroy the giver. It is also possible for […]

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