Orders From Above!

Orders From Above!   When the folks in heaven desire anyone over No matter the person’s age, or disposition No matter how much earth folks want such a one to stay He/she will definitely go (orders from above)! When it is time, everything falls into place!!

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PAWNS; Place And Time!

PAWNS; Place And Time!   PAWNS   Are pawns really helpless? Can they ever change from being what they are, or have their roles changed? When they are able to penetrate and reach the enemy’s stronghold, don’t they negotiate and free their officers? But, don’t they still remained as they are, “PAWNS!” and will continue […]

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IT IS ALMOST SUNRISE!   How much effort have I made to woe you? How much more do I have to add to make you fully mine? Oh dream weaver, how long will it be before you will be with me in my awakeness? Even now, it is almost sunrise! Will you shine like the […]