Orders From Above!

Orders From Above!   When the folks in heaven desire anyone over No matter the person’s age, or disposition No matter how much earth folks want such a one to stay He/she will definitely go (orders from above)! When it is time, everything falls into place!!

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LOVE STORY…   Oh, how I loved you I thought I would be lost You were everything that I ever wanted It was every bit of my heart I gave to you I followed your dreams The storm and the fire meant nothing to me… The flame of love gave me strength The lights flickers […]

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Lifting Up

Lifting Up   Where there is a casting down There is going to be a lifting up Even at the lowest points! Just know there, is the highest point The law of nature must hold true Darkness must give birth to light Death will yield to life

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ONE DAY OF BLISS! I want all of you to be mine Just this one day! I want to savor your beauty… Oh, that you could drown my loneliness!! Could love cost a cent? I waited so long, hoping to be a good thing in another’s fantasies… You are here What dreams do you desire […]

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What Do I Post?

What Do I Post?   I don’t have anything on my mind, but I want to make a blog post! Today is Sunday, everyone knows it, so it’s not a news! A lot of Christians will go to Church, so obvious! I wish there is something unique I can post… I’m not in a poetic […]

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