SOME WORDS…   Loneliness is when every sound you hear is boring! Learn to be your own best friend… There is music, laughter and wonderful stories within you. It takes only a little effort to be able to know and enjoy the companionship of the world inside thyself! Look carefully within and begin to live… […]

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SHORTENING THE TIMES!   The days come and go, in the twinkle of an eye! I remember how lengthy, twenty four hours was How we had to wait for too long when it is sunrise until sunset How it will take us an eternity from a Christmas to the next Not so now It was […]



MUSIC! Sweet music Cool music Soft music When happy, when sad, when sorry, when moody Just sing it Just feel it Just be it! Music!!!     Cleopatra

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PRIDE!   With so high a price With so little funds In as austere a time as this We have worked hard and saved All our earnings, our toil and sweat What folly and misplaced priorities The entirety of what a man is must turn to dust! Why soar so high and fall too low? […]

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MOODS…!   Her moods determines when to say those words I always long to hear! Should situations affect true feelings of a heart? Fickle emotions are obviously flexible!! Are there moments capable of shaking love? And… The words have only three letters!!! What does it take to say to the beloved, “I love you?”

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THIS SIN OF MINE…   This revolt… Could hell not offer more comfort? This sin of mine… She was even my coach… When I take another form on the day I shall cease to be me! And o… Would she be content with a fake version? If only she knows how true and real my […]

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