Project…   Have you ever considered yourself as a project, or program? You are a part of the process for continuity of the survival of life, or in Gibran’s words “Life’s longing for itself” How best have you availed yourself for this project? As you are, do so also… Create projects and programs that will […]

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POSTERITY   This world may be a temporary abode We may be pilgrims upon this earth But… Look around you What have you done to/with your transit point? How much beauty, or ashes have you created for a legacy? Temporary, or permanent, posterity will always reward our actions…

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WHEN IT IS TIME! How will you want to die? What will you desire to be the cause of your death? Will you want only your relations to mourn you or will you desire for the world to? If people should celebrate when you are dead, how will you feel in the hereafter if you […]

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