ABSTRACT THINKING There are times when humans feel hard hit by events that culminates in sorrows which makes it difficult for them to cope with life. Even those that are spiritually sound overcome such moments miraculously, the weaker ones seldom do and often end up with drugs. I wonder why God will not just release […]


I Love You Jerryperi!

I Love You Jerryperi! *I love you Jerryperi!” Your voice was sharp and sweetly spiced when you said it No mistake, no trembling You were so certain… I waited so long, everyday begging you to say those three words… …as if I don’t know know the feelings in your heart for me! Here is the […]

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EYE SERVICE Bootlickers, timeservers and even “busy body” are terms used on people that perform the hypocritical act of “eye service”, a situation where an individual is always performing a willing service, to which at the slightest chance will turn against the master, the sort of service where the heart is not there! The reason […]

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BEAUTY IN SILENCE! There is so much beauty and power in silence! I feel so happy and peaceful when everywhere is quiet except for the sounds of nature, (the spur of gentle winds, the rustle of tree leaves, the music of birds, the noise of distant sea waves) which enriches my soul. Creative noise made […]


Willing Victims Of Seduction!

Willing Victims Of Seduction! “…People are constantly giving out signals as to what they lack. They long for completeness, whether the illusion of it, or the reality, and if it has to come from another person, that person has tremendous power over them. We may call them victims of a seduction, but they are almost […]

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