When anyone thinks he/she could live without his/her beloved, when the beloved leaves, pride will know otherwise! And the plea “Please come back to me” will take over!

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FATHER Sometimes I often wonder What life is all about Myths and mysteries of creation In all of these You seemed to be always there Very calm and unbroken! Father Your pride thought us so much And as we grow The steps we take says, father like!

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IT IS PEACETIME!   Enough of evil and wars, it is peacetime for the earth! World leaders are probably ready to embrace peace! Our planet has been troubled for too long and the evil behind the acts must have reached it’s elastic limit! Evil and war is gradually giving up on it’s own, without conditions! […]

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Pride And Prejudice

Pride And Prejudice   Oh ye that build houses of mud, clay and bricks Do ye know that thy last and final house on earth is the grave? And Shall ye that kill not die? So it is that all shall die even as Methuselah did! For All mankind are worm and dust and to […]

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