CHOSEN TO GIVE   God has blessed us with enough providence Strength and wealth To bear our burdens and of others No trial or temptation can be beyond us When we give freely It is as if the hand of God is stretched along ours! A privileged disposition… To be so chosen Sharing the gifts […]

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The Eagle

                              The Eagle   It was 40 years of glory gone Alone he sat on the mountaintop Thirsty, weak, and hungry Despised and scorned at by all and sundry Still he sat The wind came, the rains, the cold, all threatening […]

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I THE WRETCHED PILGRIM Oh, that the wind shall be kind enough to carry my worth to the far reaches of the earth In pristine bonds, my thoughts keep screaming to be released… What is the purpose of my existence? All the steps I walked left no footprints Which Providence shall draw the map of […]



                        EXPECTATIONS!   Why do we have expectations? An expectation is something that is expected. PROMISES The major cause of expectations is promises made to us. We will always be filled with expectations, during the period of waiting for the fulfillment thereof, which sometimes […]


GIVE AND ye shall be given!

 GIVE AND ye shall be given!   We are all receivers! Why hold back what you have been given? It is not for thee to keep It is in our benevolence that we get more blessings… When we learn to share… When we accept that we are only but channels through which Providence express it’s […]

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