FARMERS WOES! Global Warming/GMO’s?

The rains are still falling and the month of October practically gone! This out of season natural activity is giving a lot of farmers in my area concern, some are heartbroken, cause they obtained loans for the farming! Rice farmers are not too worried about the rains, but the way a particular type (Jamila rice) was drying before harvest! Could this be the effects of global warming and GMOs’

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After The Rain! After The Sun!!

After The Rain! After The Sun!! They say “After the rain comes the sun” I say “After the sun comes the rain” Long days of thirst and dryness Forest and desert both lifeless under the glaring intensity Then comes those refreshing drops Mountains, rooftops and the streets Beautifully washed Birds chirping Frogs croaking Cows mooing […]

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The Eagle

                              The Eagle   It was 40 years of glory gone Alone he sat on the mountaintop Thirsty, weak, and hungry Despised and scorned at by all and sundry Still he sat The wind came, the rains, the cold, all threatening […]

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