DESTINY! Where Do We Go?

Destiny, where do we go? It’s either to Heaven, or hell, or nowhere!
Our purpose of existence is probably to feed the life force!

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How Lonely Are The Rich?

How Lonely Are The Rich?   Why will the rich person not be lonely? In his heart he is not certain of the loyalty of those around him Would they be there if he were poor? Will they be loyal to any other person? If not for the neglect of humble beginnings Tested and trusted […]

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FREE…!   They are the best things of life Think not that wealth and riches are everything There are things money can’t buy Things more precious than gold… Everyone has unlimited access to them! Did I hear you say air? Yes What about water? That too!! Tell me about the sun and light, even mother […]

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DISTRESS CALL!!!   Would you hear me out if I were rich? What did you say will happen to the poor in spirit? I am calling out to you… The breath in me is thine Thus I am an extension of thine Spirit Little wonder you had to make me in thine image and likeness! […]

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MAN AND MONEY! MAN When God was done with creation, He decided to appoint an overseer over all the created things, to which He “made” man. This He did by moulding the man out of the Earth and forming him in His image and likeness, thus giving man all the glory of God! Man is […]

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        LISTEN When you feast on the sorrows of others Listen Death lurks in the dark Listen Just a step and eternity is revealed Listen When you care less for the pains and sufferings of the poor Listen Remember, all must turn to dust Listen While you yet live Listen Every meal […]

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