What Do I Post?

What Do I Post?   I don’t have anything on my mind, but I want to make a blog post! Today is Sunday, everyone knows it, so it’s not a news! A lot of Christians will go to Church, so obvious! I wish there is something unique I can post… I’m not in a poetic […]

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EXTRAORDINARY!   I have seen creation at its’ best Flowers whose soft petals are like the touch of cherubs Trees with such magnificence beyond comparison Mountains that are heavenly in their serene tranquility I felt the winds at various moments blowing and singing gloriously I walked the earth barefoot, feeling sands, mud and rocks I […]


Biggest Full Moon OF 2019!

Biggest Full Moon OF 2019! Tonight, the moon will be 221,734 miles away from the earth, being the closest it(moon) will get to the earth this year! Each time the moon gets closer to the earth, it gets bigger! Tonight, Tuesday 19/022019, will be the night that will host the biggest full moon of the year, […]

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