UNSPOKEN SECRET THOUGHTS!   Everything under the sun must thus shine! …and the secret thoughts of our hearts We always availed ourselves to each other Yet Our shoulders remained without wear… Were it that we should be lovers… So much for revelations Saying things best unheard… The skies could be set ablaze The earth so […]


Is Poetry Dying?

Is Poetry Dying?   Poetry is no longer spoken with joy on the lips of men Lovers don’t feel ashamed of the falsehood in their hearts Although there abound wonderful poets Could the death of poetry thus begin? If I borrow my voice to the wind Who will hear my wails? Two jubilees, one silver […]

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                                BLIND GIRL Open your eyes… Can you not see that I have fallen in love with you? Does it cost much to practice little acts of kindness? You must have seen… You ought to know… Do not pretend that […]

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YOUR SONGS Why will you strain your eyes? You can never see, no matter how hard you look! Your ears How will you ever know? The song in my heart Such sweet memories I remember because the echoes still revibrate There was so much power in the tones The lines were awe inspiring Can you […]

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