TIME TO PRAY! Dear God in heaven, no one should appear before thee for any purpose and go back the same. It’s either You grant the person’s desire or give more than You are asked of, if the person praying is pleasing unto thee, for thou art pure and holy! Do not let thy believers […]

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FORGIVENESS! You took every breath that I have My dreams meant nothing to you Now I am stripped In my sorrows, I found no tear to shed I looked at you, a total waste If I carry my retribution to eternity If I keep my best songs till judgement day I looked into your eyes […]

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MONEY CURSE!   Money is earth’s god! Looking for a troubled or a heart full of sorrows? Look into an empty pocket… Do you know the truly sick? Seek for him without a penny!! What can we do without money, since even (“love”) is for sale? Our worries are due to lack of gold, and […]

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