When we keep putting our best efforts in whatever we do and still our stories are full of sorrows, we get discouraged and want to give up on life, especially when we feel we are at the top and realized it’s lonelier there (top)!
It is said that “he who laughs last, laughs best”.
Things are just not working for me!
Will mine be the last song ?



LOVE STORY…   Oh, how I loved you I thought I would be lost You were everything that I ever wanted It was every bit of my heart I gave to you I followed your dreams The storm and the fire meant nothing to me… The flame of love gave me strength The lights flickers […]

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Is Poetry Dying?

Is Poetry Dying?   Poetry is no longer spoken with joy on the lips of men Lovers don’t feel ashamed of the falsehood in their hearts Although there abound wonderful poets Could the death of poetry thus begin? If I borrow my voice to the wind Who will hear my wails? Two jubilees, one silver […]

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