Clean Earth

Let us clean our earth by ridding it of all diseases, just be determined in your mind and the energy flow from your consciousness will work wonders!

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The day of the Christening of the giant light that illuminate and give energy to the earth, ” Sun’s Day !” May light eternal, the Spirit of God Almighty whose brightness is more than a million suns, fill and overwhelmed the universe… Amen!

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A Nomad Of Eternity…

A Nomad Of Eternity…   Today is my birthday! The years have piled and are still rolling… Upon the heaps my story stands, I have no regrets I know and believe that it is The Desires of God in me that always desireth And It is The Will of God in me that always willeth!! […]

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MAXIMIZING THE HUMAN POTENTIAL   It is impossible to reach the highest level of human potentiality because a human being is a limitless spirit of absolute capabilities! It is just like saying it’s possible to exhaust God. Man is a god, but he is not God! The later created the former with all His attributes! […]



                      BEAUTY OF LIFE The best thing about life is having it, even if it is only for a minute! All its moments are timed in eternity The first breath gives it unending purpose A portion of the Creator’s plan for the universe… Revel in […]

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