LAST NIGHT The words aren’t enough or not right They just didn’t fit in! I dreamt of you….. It was beauty all through You and I… Your smiles, your laughter, the taste of music in your voice I was there with you How do I say of the dream? Where are the words? Who cares? […]

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                      GLORIOUS DAY!   I already staked a claim to the dreamlike promise Like the day will never come! How anxious I wait with the Saints My faith as intact as ever… The expectations made me to commit the power of the offer to memory […]

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BEING INVISIBLE YET RELEVANT!   The goldfish can never have a hiding place because wherever they go and no matter how they tried to conceal themselves, their golden nature will always exposed them, and this is not because they want it to be so, it’s just that they have no choice! How much of a […]


Words Of Power!

Words Of Power!   They are powerful words She said it with ease… It is a wish not a fantasy Every bit of it will live forever in my dreams! “If we didn’t marry, I want to have a lifelong relationship with you!!” Beauty and commitment modestly uttered!!! How can I live without loving such […]

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I Love You Jerryperi!

I Love You Jerryperi! *I love you Jerryperi!” Your voice was sharp and sweetly spiced when you said it No mistake, no trembling You were so certain… I waited so long, everyday begging you to say those three words… …as if I don’t know know the feelings in your heart for me! Here is the […]

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